​Personal Chef Services

​Personal Service With Excellence in Dining

Julie works with you to understand your specific dietary needs, your likes and those of your family.  All the meal planning and preparation is done for you. Only the best quality meats, fruits and vegetables are used which provides you with superior flavors and healthy nutrition.

How does this work?

Meals are designed with you in mind.  Menus are prepared to provide you with the best possible culinary experience, tailored to your specific wishes.


​Getting to know you

We start with a personal consultation to discuss the details of the service.  Julie comes to you to discuss how the service works, your food preferences, health needs, and any restrictions such as food allergies.

Your questions will be answered and details about the service and the menus will be discussed.

​During the initial consultation, an appropriate service plan will be agreed on and a date for your first service will be chosen.


Cooking Sessions

The day prior to your bi–weekly session, Julie shops for your meals according to your preferences and desires.  Your meals will be packaged and chilled or frozen to temperatures optimum for maintaining freshness for the weeks ahead.  You will be advised on which meals should be used first, depending on whether they are frozen or refrigerated.  Fresh salads and other refrigerated foods need to be consumed within the first week.

Meals are prepared and stored in your own refrigerator.

​Your feedback on the previous week's menu and service is encouraged and appreciated.  This helps to refine and improve quality.

​Before leaving, the containers from your previous week's service are collected and you receive detailed instructions for heating and serving your meals when you are ready to eat.

​What could be more convenient?  Bon Appetit!

​Sample Dinner Menus

  • Spinach, cherry and pecan stuffed pork with scalloped potatoes and tangerine and hazelnut green beans
  • heart
    ​Lasagna with meat sauce and herb stuffed garlic bread and fresh
  • heart
    ​Crunchy fish tacos with chipotle tarter sauce and rice and beans with cheese
  • ​Steak salad with ginger lime dressing
  • heart
    ​Chicken marsala with penne pasta and sautéed zucchini with a mint gremoltata
  • heart
    Pecan Crunch Salmon with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Pomegranate Glazed Carrots

​Sample ​Breakfast Menus

  • ​Blueberry french toast casserole: French baguette with eggs and blueberries and homemade blueberry syrup
  • heart
    ​Oatmeal and fruit casserole: Baked with eggs, brown sugar and assorted fruit
  • heart
    ​Quiche; vegetarian or with meat and gluten free options
  • ​Breakfast enchiladas: Eggs, tortillas, red or green sauce and cheese with choice of chorizo, turkey, onions, peppers, green chilies
  • heart
    ​Inside out pancakes: Stuffed with nuts, brown sugar and apples

As You Wish Personal Chef Services

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