​Lunch Warm Season Menu




Chicken Caesar

Cranberry Blue Cheese, Chicken& Walnut


Lemon Tarragon Chicken Pecan

Cranberry Blue Cheese Chicken & Walnut

​Tuna with Grapes & Pecans

​Turkey with Apple & Sage Walnut Pesto


Cranberry & Carrot Salad with Ginger Dressing

​Lemony Orzo with Feta & Olives

​Spinach Salad with Orange jicama & Spicy Orange Vinaigrette

​3 Grain Salad with Cinnamon Orange Cranberry

​Carrot & Cabbage Slaw Cumin Vinaigrette

​Chipotle Corn Salad

​Bulgur & Peach Salad


​Ginger Vanilla Tea

​Peach Punch

These are some suggested items.  We can rearrange things to suit your needs.  I have serving trays, platters & bowls.  I would set up, refill as needed & then clean up.  If you would like me to provide other drinks we would decide what you need & go from there.

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